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Is diving an expensive activity?

Every activity you perform requires a spending. You can determine how much these activities will cost. You can also evaluate your expenses by considering the disciplined trainings and the validity of your certificate. However, to make a comparison, the amount you would pay to enter this magical world will be equal to the following activities;

1. 1 full-day surfing courses
2. 1 weekend rock climbing course
3. 1 weekend skiing courses
4. 2-3-hour private golf courses
5. Decoration or instrument courses
6. Entertainment at a nice nightclub...

Can I dive alone?

One of the golden rules of diving is not to dive alone. We need to follow the buddy system, which means paired diving, in our divings. Buddy diving is essential for a combination of cooperation and sharing especially safety.

How many meters can I dive at most?

Sportive diving limit is maximum 30 meters in territorial waters. Beginner level CMAS 1 Star and PADI Open Water divers can dive up to max. 18 meters. All other levels (including instructors) must abide by the sportive diving limit.

Can I have a discovery diving before receiving training?

You can have a discovery diving in shallow depths with a briefing without receiving training with the program we name as discovery diving.

How long can I dive with a tube?

The use duration of diving tubes varies by different factors. The duration of diving varies according to the tube volumes used, how deep the diver dives, diving experience and the ambient conditions.

Is there only oxygen in the diving tube?

There is not only oxygen in diving tubes, there is also the air that we breathe (78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 1% other gases). The only difference is that there is no moisture in our tubes.

Do I have to be a good swimmer to dive?

Rather than being a good swimmer, feeling comfortable in water is enough. Remember that many people with swimming phobia have been able to overcome this fear thanks to diving.

When do I complete my trainings?

Simply, you can complete your 8-10-hour theoretical trainings in 3-4 days and complete your practical training divings by attending one of the diving programs prepared by your diving center.

What is the validity and scope of the trainings?

When diving trainings are provided with the systems recognized in almost every part of the world (such as CMAS SSI and PADI), the certificates that you will receive at the end of the course will document these trainings.

Is it difficult to learn diving?

It is easy, safe and entertaining sport as long as you do not skip the training period allocated for you. Beginner level diving trainings consist of theoretical training, shallow water trainings and offshore divings.

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