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About Us – Dive İstanbul

About Us


DiveIstanbul was established in 2017 by diving instructor Tolga Durmaz, who
set his heart on diving, with the aim of sharing the knowledge and experiences
that he gained.
DiveIstanbul continues its activities by aiming at bringing divers from every
level together underwater and training young diver candidates who are
enthusiastic about discovering the magic world of underwater protect nature and
environment and set their hearts on blue. Excitement and passion are our
leaders; discovering the blue and witnessing the unique liveliness of that blue
are our greatest pleasure, your safety and health are our values. DISCIPLINE is
the basic rule of our successes in our activities.
Seeing all blue lovers, who want to experience excitement, learning and having
fun by taking a short break in our living conditions and who has the courage to
take a step to new beginnings, in our activities will make our diving group
happy and strong.
Within the framework of amateur spirit and professional understanding;
Gathering the divers, who want to live life to the fullest with pleasure by getting
away from the stress and crowdedness of the city and business life, under a
respectable platform consisting of people of all ages is the primary objective of
You may have fears, worries and think that you are late. DiveIstanbul will
accompany you on this road by showing that you are not late for anything and
will make this road enjoyable for you.
Endless blue is now much closer thanks to DiveIstanbul.
Our Meeting Point is DiveIstanbul, Our Route is to the Deepest…
Diveİstanbul, Change your World

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Our Team



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Cansın Destina KARADAĞ

Diving Leader-Assistant Instructor

TSSF-CMAS 3 * Diver

TSSF-CMAS Expert Diver

Promotion Diving Specialist


Diving Leader

TSSF-CMAS 3 * Diver

TSSF-CMAS Expert Diver

Promotion Diving Specialist

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