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Discovery Diving – Dive İstanbul

Discovery Diving


It is the starting point of diving for exploring the magical underwater world, experiencing the
underwater atmosphere and getting to know scuba equipment.
Introductory Diving (Discovery Diving) is an activity special for those who are curious about
the underwater world but have not been able to dive yet. One-to-one diving with our
instructors in a pool or in the sea for the purpose of making them love underwater are called
"Introductory, Trial or Discovery Diving". Before the diving training, we recommend diver
candidates to experience a discovery diving to figure out whether this sports is convenient for
them. Introductory diving is a diving performed in a pool or in the sea with a 3-star diver
having the certificate of an instructor or introductory diving expertise.
Introductory diving takes about 20-25 minutes in a pool or in the sea in depth of maximum 5
meters. It is not allowed to dive deeper than 5 meters!!!
A briefing needs to be provided by the instructor before the introductory diving. Thanks to
this briefing, the diver candidate is informed about the rules to be followed under water.
‘We are waiting for those who are interested in our Trial, Introductory and Discovery diving
If you want to become a diver following this diving, you can join the one-star diving training
course which is the beginner level.

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