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Dive İstanbul


Is that possible to get trained in English?

Yes of course, our diving courses can be in English and it is possible to practice with the instractors who speak English.

Where can I dive?

In our country, which is surrounded by the sea on its three sides, we can dive in all seas, especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, at the appropriate diving points considering the seasonal conditions.  If you wish, you can even consider a travel to the world's diving paradises by joining international tours.

My ears hurt during free diving. Will the same thing happen during scuba diving?

The pain in your ears is caused by the pressure that the increased pressure causes on your eardrums. You will also learn the simple techniques used to eliminate this problem during your diving training.

Do we catch a few fish while diving?

During scuba divings, underwater fishing (spear gun etc.) and the removal of any object from underwater are strictly prohibited. For a sustainable life, we need to follow such ethical rules.

How are we protected from dangerous creatures underwater?

Underwater life can only be dangerous when they have to protect themselves. Therefore, unless we are conscious divers, they are not the dangerous ones but we are. Especially in the regions where we dive, there are rarely the creatures with potential danger.

I have claustrophobia, is it an obstacle to diving?

Claustrophobia, which is known as the fear of closed areas, is a psychological condition. We characterize diving as freedom. However, our friends, who are unsure of themselves, can check if they feel comfortable by participating in discovery divings.

What is bends?

One of the first things that come to mind among people regarding diving is the bends and due to this frightening experience, many people do not start diving although they are interested in diving. This disease, which is also known as decompression sickness, is impossible as long as the diving rules and limits are followed.

Is scuba diving dangerous?

It is even safer than football as long as you comply with the diving rules and limits. For this, education discipline and continuity should not be ensured.

Is using prescription glasses an obstacle to diving?

Absolutely not. If you wear soft lenses, you can use them underwater. On the other hand, just like eyeglasses, mask glasses can also be produced as numbered. You can get help from your diving center about this issue.

What kind of equipment do I need while starting to dive? What should I buy?

You just need to bring your swimsuit, towel and sunscreen with you if you are a beginner. All equipment required during divings will be provided to you by the diving boat. As your diving number and experience increase, you can contact your diving center and instructors to get the right equipment if you want to buy equipment according to your needs.

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